Welcome To The Blog

Hello there, my name is Veronica. I am a wife to an amazing husband and a mommy to two little humans and we live in Columbus, Ohio. I am quirky and flawed but I love being a wife and mom and nothing will stop me from being the best at it! I started a small business about a year ago called MomMe Closet. I make and sell custom milestone baby blankets, humorous apparel for moms and/or kids, mommy&me matching sets, tote bags and more! I have a lot of people ask me about why I chose the word MomMe in my business name and the truth is that I can’t picture myself without the word mommy attached somehow, someway. Being a mom is who I am thus I wouldn’t be ME without being a MOMMY! I have decided to venture out and combine my already existing business with a blog so I can continue to connect with other moms out there! Please be aware of my lame attempt at humor, my passion for Jesus and my family and for rambling on about complete nonsense sometimes! We may not all have the same beliefs or see eye to eye on every topic. We may raise our children completely different or originate from totally different cultures, but one thing is for sure, we are mommies just doing the best we can and loving our children endlessly. I hope this blog will make you smile, laugh, cry or maybe even inspire you. I plan to share the brightest and darkest corners of my life with you and I hope that it moves you in some type of way. Thank you for reading!


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