LulaRoe Leggings: My Thoughts

Okay so when it comes to shopping for myself I have to admit I am cheeeaaaappp. I look for the best deals or end up just putting whatever I grabbed for myself back on the shelf. I’m a mom so the question is always “Do I invest in a plethora of vnecks or for the same price of my bulk of tees do I grab a cute, dressy top that I may only wear a handful of times?” Priorities my friend. Priories.

Recently my sweet friend invited me to a LulaRoe party at her humble abode. I was excited more just to see her than I was about purchasing anything. I’m a $5 pair of leggings at Forever 21 kind of person anyways so why would I spend five times that much on a single pair? My husband practically had to kick me out of the house to go because he had gotten off of work so late and I didn’t want to drop the kids in his lap and leave. That on top of me contemplating the reality of me actually buying something, I almost just stayed home. But I went. I walked into her living room and dining room area and you would have thought that fashion models had just put their dressing room into her house! There were racks of clothing everywhere!

Seriously guys I couldn’t decide!!! The material was SO soft and the patterns were adorable! After trying on a shirt I understood the price tag on the item. It was so comfy, hid all of the unflattering mommy areas and were just downright cute. After a good while of rummaging and I felt like I had made a complete mess of their leggings bucket, I finally found a pair of leggings for me and for my daughter. Oh yes mommas they have girls stuff too and of course they are even cuter than the women’s selection. Shirts and dresses and leggings oh my!!!

The leggings literally feel like you aren’t wearing anything. They don’t bind and they are buttersoft, even my daughter couldn’t stop touching them when I put them on her (I couldn’t wait, I put them on her the second I got home haha). She kept telling me they were “so comfy mommy”.

But there you have it. I finally know what all the hype is about and I will definitely be purchasing more! If you are a skeptic or just cheap like me, give them a chance. Plus they go great with my tshirts wink wink!


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